Friday, 24 April 2015

Video Challenge Storyboard

Good afternoon to everybody! As you know, I am currently creating an ebook which is going to be about two connected painters, Velázquez and Picasso. 

In order to make it more creative and fun, we have created a collaborative video challenge. In this video we have combined four ebooks about:

How have we done this? Well, creating an amazing story. 

With the purpose of organize and to have an idea frame by frame of what is going to be included, we have made a comic with the tool Pixton. Then with Kizoa we will create our video adding music and effects. 

Pixton is very simple to use, you just have to chose the number of frames you want to design and start dragging elements like characters, dialogue, scenes and customize whatever you want. 

With this storyboard you can make an idea about how the video is going to be. 

Enjoy with this story! 

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