Sunday, 26 April 2015

Final video challenge

Hello bloggers! :) 

Finally here it is our Video Challenge! 

After showed to you in the last post the draft of our Video Challenge, where we combined four ebooks in one creating an amazing story, we are ready to show it to you. 

This video is about a boy whose name is Pedro Picasso. We are in the year 5302 and all the humans live in another planet called Electron. Pedro is a 14 years old teenager, family of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. All the members of the family have a an extraordinary talent but he does not find his own talent, moreover he loves junk food and he is a bit messy. After a very bad day he has a dream where he talks with his great great great father Picasso and Velázquez and they advise him to feel proud of what he does because his work expresses what he feels. 

This dream makes him realize that he needs a change. So he speaks with his teacher and his mother and start a new healthier and happy life.

The main purpose of this video is to narrate the life of Pedro Picasso, in an entertaining way, so this will help the learners to feel motivate. 

To create this video we have used the tool Kizoa. This app is very engaging and easy to use. It allows you:

  • To create videos using the photographs or pictures from the tool or your own photographs.
  • To choose your own music or the music from the app.
  • To add transitions, animations, effects, text...

I think that Kizoa is a tool very complete and visual but it has a problem. After create the video you can not share it via email, or as a HTML code in a blog or save it in your personal computer. You just can upload the video to Youtube or share it on Twitter. 


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