About me

Hi bloggers! 
My name is María and I’m a Primary Education teacher. I finished last year my degree and this year I’m doing a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. We are learning a lot with the Master’s subjects, specially with the subject entitled The use of ICT and Digital Resources. 
Through this subject where are learning how to teach our students, to be able to manage the amount of information on Internet, useful web services, tools and apps to create motivating content and the most important, to be safe when we are connected.
One of the most important activities that we are doing is creating our eBook. The teacher challenged us to develop a way to teach our student any topic without text-books. My challenge result is an e-book to work Art with my sixth graders.
I'm really excited about sharing with all of us my first digital eBook. 
I'm going to keep working on it. 
Hope you like the final result.

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