Thursday, 30 April 2015

Digital interactive CLIL artifacts: Velázquez

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As you know, as a final mission of this amazing adventure creating our eBook, we have to develope two tasks proposed for our students. 

I have chosen two tasks, the first one to work with the painter Diego Velázquez and the second one to work with the ideas of Pablo Picasso.

I'm going to describe in which consist my two artifacts and what the students should do in each activity.

First of all, I want to remeber you that my eBook is divided in three parts. We have missions to learn about Velázquez's work, missions to learn with Picasso's work and finally two activities to discover the connection between these two painters. 

I have chosen task two about Velázquez

In this mission the students have to create a timeline using and amazing tool called Tiki-toki

Steps and conditions to follow by the students:  
  1. Choose at least 10 works about Velázquez from different periods. 
  2. Create a timeline (take into account the year of each art work).
  3. In each event remember to add: The name of the work, a short description and and image of each painting. 
  4. Record at least one of the descriptions of a painting and add it into the timeline. 

Final result: 

I have chosen twelve paintings and I have included the name of each work, a short description and an image of the different works. 

If you click on each event you can read the complete information. The paintings Equestrian Portrait of the of the Count-Duke of Olivares and The Spinners also include an audio ( a recording of the description using Soundcloud).

Timeline Velázquez's work

Tools used to create the mission:

The principal tool used is Tiki- Toki, it is a web service that allows you to create amazing and interactive timelines in a few steps. You don't need to install anything and the tool supports images and videos. The results are very attractive visually. 

  • Advantages: you can integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos, add recordings and customize the background.
  • Disadvantages: with the free account you cannot share your timeline using and embeded code or download your timeline. 
Another tool used is SoundCloud, I recorded the descriptions of the two paintings and I used this tool to share and add the audio to my timeline. 


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