Thursday, 30 April 2015

Digital interactive CLIC artifacts: Picasso

Hi everybody! 

As you know, as a final mission of this amazing adventure creating our eBook, we have to develope two tasks proposed for our students. 

I have chosen two tasks, the first one to work with the painter Diego Velázquez and the second one to work with the ideas of Pablo Picasso.

I'm going to describe in which consist my two artifacts and what the students should do in each activity.

First of all, I want to remeber you that my eBook is divided in three parts. We have missions to learn about Velázquez's work, missions to learn with Picasso's work and finally two activities to discover the connection between these two painters. 

I have chosen task four about Picasso

Steps and conditions to follow by the students:  

  1. Choose a topic (poverty, contamination, corruption...)
  2. Create a collage (take into account to include elements related with the topic).
  3. Then post in the classroom blog your collage an a short explanation about what do you want to represent with the collage.
  4. Once finished, it's time to play, upload your collage to Jigsaw Planet, create a puzzle and share it with your classmates. They have to build on the puzzle to know what is the collage about.

Final result: 

I have created a collage about the poverty. Using different elements related with the topic. 

This collage shows representative elements of the poverty. In the bottom of the picture we can see different silouetes of people begging for money. We also can see the word POVERTY in the middle of the collage and three hands triying to reach the money. Finally on the sides we can see Africa and India two of the poorest places in the world.

As a final activity the students will transform their collage into a puzzle and they will share it with their partners. 
Puzzle: Collage about...

Tools used to create the mission:

The principal tool used is Online Photo EditorPixlr Editor is a robust browser photo editor, for all your editing needs. You have full control over your images, including layers and effects.

Another tool used is Jigsaw Planet, to create the puzzle of our collage and then share it as an embeded code to our partners. 


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